Music is far too subjective to recommend properly. Instead I've listed a number of tracks that have caused me an obsession and countless repeats.

Pink Clouds and Sticky Rain

Pink Clouds and Sticky Rain gained popularity due to YouTuber Xidnaf using it as intro music. CloudNova did not like the track after its creation, and privated it from their YouTube channel and removed it from their SoundCloud. However the track is available once again.


I don't really know what's so captivating about it; it's the only metal song I would deliberately listen to. I first heard it in this joke mashup [x]. The song itself is about a veteran coming back from the Iraq war, angry at the system and unhinged enough that he's a danger to the establishment.


Resonance is the poster-child of Synthwave. It invokes nostalgia in people of all ages both because of the similarity to 80s synth music, but also due to the music theory behind the choice of chords [x].

The Synthwave genre as a whole is incredible. While this is the essential best track in the genre, it does disappoint me that through certain speakers / headphones, the reverb is too loud although other tracks on the album don't have this problem.


It takes you away.

Anarchy Road

It excellently paints a grim picture of a possible future using very few words. The music is adrenaline inducing, and combined with the lyrics you feel the need to do something and not sit still.